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Offering the largest selection of fine jewelry, antiques, and home decor in the Outer Banks! We have the quality and style you want with the expert knowledge to help you pick just the right piece!


Fine Jewelry For Men & Women

We have the largest collection of fine jewelry for men and women in the Outer Banks. We procure the finest gold, silver, gemstones and amber from around the globe and are proud to work with very talented artists from all corners.

10ct-12ct-14ct-18ct Golds Marah Lago White Ice Italian Silver, Diamonds, Jade and Mother of Pearl Charles Albert Silver Cheryl’ m Italian Silver 925 Sterling and Natural Stone Collection Finest Polish Amber in World Chilean Lapas Australian Opel

Fashion - Pendants - Charms

We always have the latest trends and styles in stock with unique jewelry options like eco friendly bracelets.

Wind and Fire Braclets
Zabels Beads and Charms (Compatible with Pandora, Chamilia and Troll)
Alpaca Magnetic Anklets in Every Birthstone
Magnetrim Brackets and Necklaces
Necklaces Pendants
Charms rope chains
Wide Assortment of Women’s 10 14 18 with Large Genuine Stones and Platinum

Antiques & Home Decor

Browse through a unique collection of european clocks, perfect sculptures, and antique furniture. We have those “just right” pieces for your home!

Tiffany Stained Glass, Vases, and Lamps
24% Lead Crystal
European Clocks
Antique Furniture
SPI Home Sculptures
Bronze Metal Statues
Sea Life Collections
Various Windchimes
Sterling Silverware

Russian Hand Blown Glass Artisan Pieces obtained from artist themselves! Hundreds of Animals and Sea Life in Sizes From Miniature to Xlarge

Bath & Body

Relax and pamper yourself with these premium bath and body products. Just a little extra “Aaahh” in your life!

Harvey Prince Body Creams and Gels
Archipelago Botanicals

For The Little Ones

Beautiful stuffed gifts of quality that are sure to bring smiles!

My Little Pony
Aurora Hand Puppets
Stuffed Mermaids, Octopi and Unicorns
Happy Feet Penguins
100 Anniversary Raggedy Andy