So your best friend is getting married, and you need a place to throw the bachelorette/bachelor party on the Outer Banks? Well, you don’t need to worry any more. When you have a bachelor party at Port O’Call, it will be a party he never forgets.

The Best Party on the Beach!

Port O’Call is the number one party spot on the beach, and hosting a bachelor party is just second nature for us. You couldn’t ask for a better place to throw a party.

We’ll set you up in our Captains Lounge, so you can be together with all your friends, but still be a part of the excitement going on in the Gaslight Saloon. We feature local and national acts all the time, so there’s never a problem finding entertainment. There’s always something going on at Port O’Call!

And it doesn’t matter how big your group is, we can handle however many people you’ve got. We have a full bar in the Gaslight Saloon and a smaller one in the Captains Lounge, which means you never have to go far to get your drink.

Not Just For Men

That’s right, ladies, we don’t just do bachelor parties, we’re every bit as able to host a bachelorette  party for you. Trying to find a place to throw a bachelorette party on the Outer Banks can be difficult, but no more. We want to help you cut loose one more time before your friend puts on the shackles of matrimony. Doesn’t she deserve one last crazy night?

Just a Little Extra

At Port O’call, we know how to take care of you too. When your party comes to Port O’ Call we’ll give you a free bottle of champagne to help you celebrate in style.

At Port O’Call you can treat your friend, man or woman, to one final ride in the single lane, and ensure it’s a ride they’ll never forget!